Disrupting the way you discover and get the things you love

The future of social commerce is here, we are a social platform that based on your needs and with help from your friends, connects you with relevant products. At myNeeds you will be able to discover, organize and buy almost everything you see, and everything is posted by users. Our commitment is to focus on what we really care, our users. That's why, at myNeeds, we offer you a tailored solution and a fun way to fulfill your needs, through out our crowd-curated catalog.

As we all know, anything you do is better if you do it with friends.


myNeeds was founded in 2013 by Jimena and Diego Manfio in Neuquén, Patagonia Argentina. Faced with the exhausting task of finding and organizing their needs, they decided to create their own solution. That’s how, after a lot of work, myNeeds social platform was born, a fun and collaborative way to find the things you love, all in one place!